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RE: Determine dates - how?
~Bill Quetfoochekakol 26.Jan.04 07:26 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer 6.0.3 Windows 2000, Windows XP

Try this function

Function weekdayN(Byval monthDate As Variant, Byval n As Integer, Byval dayOfWeek As Integer) As Variant
' returns a DateTime variant, in the same month as monthDate, that is the n'th dayOfWeek day on or after the first of the month.
' monthdate is a DateTime variant, that is within the month.
' n is the week counter
' dayOfWeek is the weekday that is required (sunday = 1, saturday = 7)
Dim theDate As Variant
Dim dayAdjust As Integer
theDate = Cdat(Int(monthDate) - Day(monthDate) + 1) ' removes time part, and adjusts to first of month
theDate = theDate + 7 * (n - 1) ' adjust by n full weeks - 1
dayAdjust = dayOfWeek - Weekday(theDate) ' number of days to reach dayOfWeek
If dayAdjust < 0 Then dayAdjust = dayAdjust + 7 ' make certain that date is adjusted forward in time
theDate = Cdat(theDate + dayAdjust)
weekDayN = theDate
End Function

example of use:
Dim d As Variant
d = weekdayN(Today, 3, 4) ' returns the date of the third wednesday of the current month (4 = wednesday)
Print Format(d, "dddd ") & Format(d, "Long Date")

Note that no check is made whether the date returned is within the month requested. So if you ask for the sixth thursday of january, it returns a date in february.

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